Donation Policy

Thank you for your generous support and commitment to promoting sustainable living and environmental consciousness. Your contributions make a significant difference in our mission to build a greener future.

Effective Date: December 12, 2023

1. Introduction

Welcome to SPINFEST, hosted by the Trackhawk Foundation. As a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable living and environmental consciousness, we deeply appreciate your generosity. Your donations help us fund various initiatives across commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, and more.

2. Purpose of Donations

All donations received by SPINFEST are directed towards supporting our mission. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Funding sustainable living and environmental consciousness campaigns.
  • Organizing events, workshops, and seminars on responsible fashion and sustainable practices.
  • Supporting social welfare initiatives such as education and food distribution.
  • Advancing research and development in eco-friendly fashion and sustainable practices.

3. Donation Methods

We accept donations through the following methods:

  • Online Donations: Via our website using credit cards, debit cards, or electronic bank transfers.
  • Offline Donations: Contact us at for information on making donations via check or direct bank transfers.

4. Non-Refundable Donations

All donations made to SPINFEST by Trackhawk Foundation are final and non-refundable. This policy ensures that the funds can be allocated to ongoing projects and initiatives without disruption.

5. Donation Receipts

Upon receiving a donation, we will issue an acknowledgment receipt to the donor. This receipt will include:

  • The donor’s name and address.
  • The amount donated.
  • The date of the donation.
  • A statement indicating that no goods or services were provided in exchange for the donation, if applicable.

Donors should retain this receipt for tax purposes.

6. Tax Deductibility

The Trackhawk Foundation is a registered non-profit organization. Donations may be tax-deductible under the laws of the donor’s jurisdiction. Donors are advised to consult with a tax professional regarding the deductibility of their donation.

7. Donor Privacy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Personal information collected during the donation process will be used solely for processing the donation and providing receipts. We do not sell, trade, or share our donors’ personal information with any third parties.

For more details, please refer to our [Privacy Policy]

8. Use of Donations

Donations are used to support various programs and initiatives as outlined in our mission. This includes:

  • Organizing SPINFEST events and other related activities.
  • Supporting research and development projects focused on sustainable practices.
  • Providing educational resources and community support initiatives.
  • Funding operational expenses necessary for the smooth functioning of the Trackhawk Foundation.

9. Transparency and Reporting

We are committed to transparency in our operations. Financial reports detailing the use of donations will be made available on our website annually. Donors are welcome to contact us for more detailed information regarding the allocation of funds.

10. Corporate Donations and Sponsorships

We welcome corporate donations and sponsorships. For more information on corporate giving or to discuss potential partnerships, please contact us at .

11. Changes to the Donation Policy

SPINFEST by Trackhawk Foundation reserves the right to update or modify this Donation Policy at any time. Any changes will be posted on our website, and donors will be notified via email if the changes are significant.

12. Contact Information

For any questions or concerns regarding this Donation Policy, please contact us at:

Trackhawk Foundation Address: Hyderabad, Telangana, 501505.
Phone: +91 116929 6349

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