SPINFEST 2024 | Season 1

Season 1 – Virtual Debut with Metaverse Technology

About SPINFEST 2024: Season 1

Join us for the debut season of SPINFEST, where we bring the essence of sustainable living to the virtual world. Dive into our immersive metaverse environment and explore a vibrant marketplace, interactive workshops, live performances, and educational activities all from the comfort of your home.

Celebrate Sustainability, Build a Greener Future

Experience Sustainability Like Never Before – Now in the Virtual Metaverse!

Event Highlights

What Awaits You at SPINFEST 2024

Sustainable Marketplace

Explore opportunities for partnerships, distributorship, white labeling, and franchising.

Interactive Workshops

Learn practical skills on mindful consumption, waste reduction, and eco-friendly practices.

Children’s Corner

Engage your kids with fun, educational activities designed to spark environmental awareness and a love for nature.

Live Entertainment

Enjoy performances by local musicians, artists, and entertainers who champion sustainability through their creative expressions.

Sustainable Culinary Delights

Savor eco-conscious food options that highlight the connection between healthy eating and environmental responsibility.

Sustainability Pledge

Join our community committed to building a greener future by signing the “Sustainability Pledge

For Partners, Vendors, Exhibitors, Artists, and Educational Institutions

Collaborate with us

SPINFEST 2024 is a collaborative effort, and we invite partners, vendors, exhibitors, artists, and educational institutions to join us. 

Event Schedule and Details

SPINFEST 2024 Event Schedule

Mark your calendars and join us for three days of immersive and enlightening experiences. (Dates will be announced soon)

Here’s what you can expect: